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First Last Gender Level Team
Zoe  Bernier  recreational  Silverthorn Landscape (U15 GIRLS) 
Beckham   Abrantes  recreational  Casey's Creative Kitchens (U8 BOYS) 
Alexander  Adams  recreational  BMO #1 (U12 BOYS) 
Aubrey  Adams  recreational  TIMBITS 1 (U4 CO-ED) 
James  Adams  recreational  Giant Tiger (U5 CO-ED) 
Serenitee  Adams  recreational  TD Trust #1 (U7 GIRLS) 
Mohammed  Al Jouma  recreational  Canadian Tire (U15 BOYS) 
Cheysna  Alag  recreational  Wendy's (U12 GIRLS) 
Daphne  Allen  recreational  Serenity Now (U5 CO-ED) 
Oscar  Allen  recreational  Bulk Barn (U10 BOYS) 
Xander  Allen  recreational  James Meadows Catering (U7 BOYS) 
Daniel  Alvarado  recreational  Winmar (U18 COED) 
Aiden  Alves  recreational  Ansell's Awards (U18 COED) 
Chloe  Ambrose  recreational  TIMBITS 9 (U4 CO-ED) 
Ella  Ambrose  recreational  Sparta Country Candles (U6 GIRLS) 
Maya  Ambrose  recreational  Millcreek Plumbing (U8 GIRLS) 
Brandon  Anderson  recreational  St. Annes Community Festival (U6 BOYS) 
Alexander  Andrews  recreational  NZ Systems (U15 BOYS) 
Sofie  Annett  recreational  TIMBITS 5 (U4 CO-ED) 
Brooklyn  Armstrong  recreational  Jay Okkerse Contracting Ltd. (U5 CO-ED) 

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