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First Last Gender Level Team
Caylee  Abdey  recreational  The Taxman (U6 GIRLS) 
Beckham  Abrantes  recreational  St. Anne's (U7 BOYS) 
Hannah  Ainsworth  recreational  Dowler-Karn (U8 GIRLS) 
Malek  Ajabi  recreational  TIMBITS 3 (U4 CO-ED) 
Jordan  Alden  recreational  Pearce Williams Summer Camp (U8 BOYS) 
Logan  Alden  recreational  Elgin Chrysler Jeep Dodge (U5 CO-ED) 
Nathan  Alden  recreational  Graham Scott Enns (U8 BOYS) 
Nixon   Alexander  recreational  TIMBITS 9 (U4 CO-ED) 
Daphne  Allen  recreational  TIMBITS 1 (U4 CO-ED) 
Oscar  Allen  recreational  St. Anne's Community Festival (U8 BOYS) 
Xander  Allen  recreational  McDade's Army (U6 BOYS) 
Ella  Ambrose  recreational  Millcreek Plumbing (U5 CO-ED) 
Maya  Ambrose  recreational  Petals of Love (U7 GIRLS) 
Brandon  Anderson  recreational  Lions Club (U5 CO-ED) 
Heidi  Andrews  recreational  Andrew Sports (U8 GIRLS) 
Christine  Annett  recreational  St. Annes Community Festival (U10 GIRLS) 
Rachel  Annett  recreational  St. Annes Community Festival (U10 GIRLS) 
Kennedy  Armer  recreational  Dowler-Karn (U8 GIRLS) 
Lily  Arnold  recreational  TIMBITS 11 (U4 CO-ED) 
Liam  Ashfield  recreational  Jay Okkerse Contracting Ltd. (U6 BOYS) 

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