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50 Years of STSC!

Come celebrate 50 years of STSC with us! Join us on August 20th for a day of fun at Athletic Park, as well as banquet dinner at St. Anne's Centre.

The St Thomas Scorpions are hosting a fundraising Running/Walking event

The St Thomas Scorpions are hosting a fundraising Running/Walking event for one of their team members.

Our beloved #6 has a condition known as ITP. The costs of treatment are quite high. We are running to help raise awareness of ITP and funds for the family as they work towards a positive resolution of the condition. (See letter below from Haley's mom)

Join us for the first Scorpion run on Sept 3, 2016. 

6k for #6

When: Sept 3, 2016
Where: Starting at Cowan Park, 87 St George St. St Thomas ON
Time: 8:15 check-in Run starts at 9am

Donation: $20 on day of run

We have set up an account for e-transfers (donations). If you have friends, etc asking on how to complete a donation prior to the day of the run – the e-mail for e-transfer is kristapayne@bell.net 
The answer to the question needs to be Haley.
Contact: RunRichieRun@icloud.com with any questions


email kristapayne@bell.net with sizes and e-transfer money:)

A letter from Haley's Mom...

On April 28th, 2016, just 1 week before our daughter Haley’s 16th birthday, we sat in the Emergency Department at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and were told that Haley has ITP. We had no idea what ITP was, but were told that the extreme bruising all over her body, petechiae, and blood clots in Haley’s mouth were caused by it. Haley was in the midst of tryouts with the London Devilettes Midget Girls Hockey team when the strange bruising started to occur. She had also been practicing soccer with her team, The St. Thomas Scorpions, and had a new found passion for Cross Fit training. We had thought that surely the bruising was a result of all those bur-pees and a 16 year old who loves all sports, and doesn’t sit still. We were wrong.

We later found out that ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is a rare blood disorder that is destroying her platelets, the cells that clot her blood. We were told a normal count was between 150 and 400, and Haley’s platelet count was under 10. She was hospitalized immediately in St. Thomas for 6 days, where she was given 2 - IVIG treatments, which had very little results. Her platelet count remained dangerously low…..so low that she had a nose bleed in hospital that lasted over an hour and a half. We, her parents and family, were so frightened, but Haley remained brave and strong. High dose steroids were given to stop the bleeding, and raised her platelets slightly for a few days, and then blood work just a few days later, on May 5th, Haley’s 16th Birthday, showed that her platelets had plummeted back down below 10.

Since that first week, Haley has been admitted to hospital 2 more times, once for a combination IVIG/steroid treatment, and again for Rhogam, an anti-D immunoglobulin IV treatment. She has received outpatient treatment at hospital more times than we can count for follow ups and blood work, along with trips to Emerg. She has been unresponsive to all treatments and her platelet count remains dangerously low at <10. She has suffered numerous nose bleeds, gum bleeding, skin bleeding, and recently had bleeding from her bowels. Haley’s platelet counts remain less than 10, which puts Haley at severe risk of gut and brain bleeding.
Haley is now being cared for by a team at LHSC – Children’s Hospital in the Hematology/Oncology Dept. She recently received 2 blood transfusions to increase her hemoglobin as a result of severe blood loss. This is the only time that Haley has complained….she was weak, had numbness and headaches due to her low blood, and was frightened. Haley was unable to continue attending classes at St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School in St. Thomas, where she was finishing her 10th grade. Thankfully, as Haley had great grades and worked diligently in hospital to complete assignments, her teachers were able to exempt her from her final exams and she finished successfully.

Initially, when we all thought, and later hoped and prayed that this would just go away as quick as it came, all we could think of was “when will Haley be able to return to school, to sports, and to the active life she has enjoyed”? This ITP was a real nuisance. Now, after the roller coaster of unsuccessful treatments, nasty side effects, and continued bleeding, the thing we pray for is just for her to be “safe”. For this to happen, she needs something to raise her platelet counts and maintain them at a safe level. She can no longer play the sports she loves at this time, but with a safe count she could live without the constant worry and threat of spontaneous life threatening bleeding.

Haley's hematologist has indicated that there is a desired ongoing treatment that would increase her platelet production and hopefully bring her count to about 50, which would greatly decrease her risk of life threatening bleeding. My drug provider has denied Haley’s coverage as she does not meet their age criteria, which is 18. We are devastated, as the cost of this treatment is beyond belief ($4,281.52/month). Haley needs this treatment now, and we are exploring every funding option we can in hopes that there will be some assistance available to us.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Julie, Paul, 
Brennan and Haley Agius


As we approach the final stages of this 2016 season, I want to congratulate our many players, coaches and the many supportive parents of all our teams both competitive and recreational.


This season we have continued to implement our version of the Long Term Player Development Programme.  We refer to this as the “Blueprint”.  At its heart, we strive to help all our players become the best they can be.


WE have made some remarkable progress by following our Blueprint but we need patience to see things through.


It is vital that we all realise how important our own behaviour is in relation to the development of our young players.  We are all mentors to these players.  We must never forget how much impact we have on our impressionable and trusting young players.


So as we near the end of the Season, please take a moment to analyze how you came across to these young minds.


For Coaches – please treat your players with patience, empathy and tact.  Ensure you are always positive and encouraging.


For Parents and Supporters – do not attempt to give direction to your child during practices/games as it can be confusing to the players and undermines our coaches.  Do not criticize your children, other teammates, the coach, the officials or opposing players.  This type of behaviour sets a poor example for all young players of sportsmanship and respectful conduct.  Moreover, you run the risk of being embarrassed in front of your child and other adults present by being directed to leave the pitch and possibly restricted from returning.


For Our Players -  Team spirit is everything!!  WE win together/ WE lose together.  WE need to treat each other respectfully.  WE can all achieve our potential if we support each other, help each other and treat everyone with dignity.


Congratulations on your achievements this Season!!  WE hope to see all of you out again next year and possibly throughout the Fall and Winter when we run our off-season programs.


Yours in Football (Soccer to you Canadians!)

Phil Trueman (Head Coach, STSC)

August 9, 2016

Goal Keeper Sessions

Phil Trueman, our Club Head Coach will be hosting goal keeper sessions on the following dates and times:

Aug. 23, 25, 30 and Sept. 1st.

U9 & U10- 6:00-6:45 pm

U11-U13- 6:45-7:30 pm

If interested, please show up 15 mins prior to session at Athletic Park.

There is no fee.


Please note that the office at the Timken Centre will be closed on the following dates: August 1, August 29 thru to September 6, October 10, December 25, December 26.

9v9 Festival for U11 & U12 Boys & Girls

Join us at Cowan Park

July 9 & 10th

for more soccer action 


Saturday July 9 - U11 & U12 Boys  start time 9am

U11 Boys Schedule - click HERE

U12 Boys Schedule - click HERE


Sunday July 10 - U11 & U12 Girls start time 9am 

U11 Girls Schedule - click HERE

U12 Girls Schedule - click HERE








9AM - 4PM


Divisions:  Men's Open; Men's 50+; and Co-Ed

Cost:  $300 per team

Silent Auction, lunch, and 50/50 draw available during the day


Registration form can be found HERE

Tournament Rules can be found HERE


Submit registration forms and payment to St. Thomas Soccer Club Administrator 

Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm; Friday 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Email:  admin@stthomassoccer.com  Phone:  519-633-2110

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